The Medicine Buddha hall is located in the western section of the temple. It enshrines the Buhaisajyaguru Buddha, also called medicine Buddha, the Buddha of 12 wills. The Bhaisajyaguru Buddha statue holds a medicine bowl in his left hand, his right hand is in fearless mudra.

Before Bhaisajyaguru Buddha’s enlightenment, he announced 12 wishes, the sixth and seventh are to wish everyone could have no pain from body and mind.

There is a pair of plaques on the two pillars of the hall, written by the renowned calligrapher Zhigao Zhou. It reads: May the sun and moonlight of the Vaiduryanirbhasa world shine the entire universe; and hope the will of Bhaisajyaguru Buddha, the ture medicine Buddha can help all beings.
Vaidurya, is one of the seven treasures of Buddhism. It is a semitransparent azure colored treasure, and is not commonly believed to be a multi-colored crystal glass. Many Bhaisajyaguru Buddha statues are made in the semitransparent azure color, which gives off a calming sensation.

When Sakyamuni Buddha first spoke of dharma in Sarnath, he taught that the suffering is from the perplexed confusion about the truth of life, act from this unknown, one is likely to act in selfish behavior, thus has to burden the karma of such action. It is only to help everyone to realize such ignorance, that can release one from suffering. The ultimate medication is to follow the teaching of Buddha, and practice one’s action accordingly, in this way one can gain true wisdom. By using such wisdom, one can then clear his mind and soul, thus end the circle of pain and suffering.