The Reclining Buddha Hall enshrines two different sized reclining Buddha statues. The smaller one is brought from Myanmar by the first abbot, master Hui Gen in the year 1899. The statue is 96 cm long, and carved from a whole Myanmar jade. The right is curved under his head like a pillow, and the
left hand is gently placed on his thigh. This is the so called auspicious pose.

The bigger statue is brought from Singapore by the tenth abbot, master Zhen Chan. The statue is 4 meters long, carved from a whole Alabaster jade.

The hair of the statue is in the shape of a snail, the eyes are half closed, partially representing the nirvana, yet still looking at the world. Within the hair, there is a pearl, and in between his eyebrows, is a rounded righthanded white hair, shining like the sun at noon.